Mr. Burden's Class

2nd Grade

Logging Into Classlink

It is recommended that your child do the district supplied work packet.  If possible, do the computer based "Remote Learning Schedule" that is attached to the button above.  (When it comes to iReady Reading and Math, I would increase the time to 20 to 25 minutes a subject.  It is estimated that it takes 20 minutes of active participation to finish a lesson.)

Click the buttons below to view or download the schedule for the week.  It includes links to daily activities for your child to do.  It also has a link to the work packet (in PDF form)sent to you by the district.

Sorry, there are no Remote Learning Videos for the Week of April 6 - April 10.

Remote Learning Schedule 

Sorry, there are no Remote Learning Videos for the Weeks of May 25 - June 1.

Supplemental Activities  

It is best to have your child login to the website using Classlink.

Spelling City (Accounts have been reactivated.  There will be a new list of activities each week.) (For District enter: Lancaster-CA). (Students should do any "uncheck"/unfinished assignments that appear on their screen.)

Google Classroom  (I will be adding 1 or 2 EdPuzzle videos a week to help reinforce learning in Science and Social Studies.)

Students can now do most worksheets online in Google Classroom.  Remember it is best to log in to Google Classroom using the Classlink Launchpad.

Please have your child log in to Classlink for easy access to the websites that they use.  It is best to use Google Chrome as your web browser.